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Hardwood Floor Refinishing


sandinghardwoodHardwood Floor Refinishing is a simple way to restore the fresh original appearance of your existing hardwood floor. 

At Premier Hardwood Flooring , we pride ourselves on our use of the most technologically advanced tools and methods.   All wood floors are buffed, tacked, and vacuumed between finish applications, resulting in an evenly finished floor free of imperfections. Premier Hardwood Flooring located in Webster New York has an exceptional hardwood refinishing service that can transform your scratched and lifeless floors into something you can be proud of again.

Steps to Take before You Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

  • Empty room. After you decide on the first room to be refinished, you need to empty it of all furniture.
  • Clean floor. Vacuum and mop the floor to rid it of dirt and dust.
  • Seal room. Sealing the room will prevent the sanding of dust in the space. You should also prevent dust from coming into your clean room by shutting down your heating or cooling unit and wrapping air vents and electrical outlets.



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